In recent years, the Information and Communication Technologies " ICT " have come to occupy a leading position in every organization; the next step for many of them is to computerize many manual processes. That's the challenge we have been facing for our clients; implementing information systems that automate and systematize the collection, processing and interpretation of information. Improve processes such as planning, control and monitoring processes computerized or not, it is a challenge for many organizations, public and private. Addressing this challenge is a quantum leap in the use of the information available to members of the organization, multiplying the potential such results with analysis of the information available.

The Management Panels have allowed dozens of public officials, administrators and executives, to plan and monitor the implementation of their plans and actions, and evaluate the impact of public policies and / or strategic objectives.

The Business Productivity Panels allowed executives to improve business practices and measure results over time, thus improving the results obtained by the commercial structure, increasing sales by optimizing resources, training and measurement achievements, by the implementation of business plans.

Computerization of System Processes have increased the productivity of organizations, reducing processing times and reducing human intervention in the evaluation and interpretation of information and generation of reports for decision-making.