Management Applications

We provide Management Systems to a diverse group of institutions, public and private; encompassing commercial trade and management in the private sector and public policy management in the public administration and the government, among others. Our management systems use information and communication technologies to make information available for a better decision-making process of the management teams.

Why use our Management Systems


The systems are easy to use, have interfaces that fit the level of knowledge and expertise of the user. Help documentation is included on the screens and users receive explanatory information at every level of the system.

High Impact

The systems allow to shorten processes, avoid manual practices and access centrally arranged information that would otherwise be dispersed. Results obtained with the usage of such systems are of big impact in the organization.

Open Code

We work with open source code, avoiding unnecessary licensing fees. Based on this solution, if you need to modify the application and you have a team of professionals you will be able to do it yourself or request our team´s support.

Fast response

We have a group of professionals that develop quick implementations upon request. We also have online support and instant answers for applications hosted in our servers.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We provide our applications in the Software as a Service Software mode. We provide infrastructure and support to customers, avoiding additional costs to those without technological support and immediate access to applications.

Benefits of Buying Software as Services SaaS

Low initial investment

Software as a Service require less initial investment, and you can also rent an application with hosting and maintenance services included.

No technical staff needed

We provide maintenance services for all our applications so you do not need to hire a computer technician to manage and / or maintain the systems we provide.

High availability

We provide services hosted in high availability servers and redundant connections. You can access them via browser with any Internet connection.

Permanent update

The solutions we provide can be updated by our staff without interfering with your work as well as correcting errors or implementing updates.

Our developments

The following applications have been implemented in different organizations, public and private, and of different dimension. The systems are scalable to almost any organization and have proven to be a tool for daily management for planning and execution in diverse areas such as public policy, planning, news monitoring and business planning, among others.

Management Panels for Local Governments

We have developed management boards for cities of different size, ranging from big cities like Buenos Aires (4 MM inhabitants) to cities of 100,000 inhabitants.
These boards range from public policy planning, to monitoring project execution, measuring impact indicators and performance.

Commercial Management Panels

We have developed applications such as "dashboards" to monitor the commercial management, defining clear goals to the commercial officers to follow up online their customer management processes and integrating existing tools within companies.

Management Panels for State Agencies

These solutions enable the management of key processes such as planning, control and monitoring of auctions, appraisals and construction progress among others.
The spectrum covered by this type of solution is as vast as the internal processes of organizations, tasks such as evaluating vendor proposals, warranty management, valuation control, among many others.

Process Management Panels for Business

We have developed applications for business process´ management, marketing and purchasing, among many others.
We have also developed online solutions for media monitoring, Strategic Management of relations among others.

We have different options for the use of our systems, from the adequacy and provision of systems to adapting solutions for your needs.
If you are interested in any of our applications, you can request a demo.

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